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Nicole Sengdetka

Professor Tsoukalis

BIO 105-E2

1 December 2010

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis which has no well-known cure or perhaps exact trigger. It is a serious inflammatory disorder that influences the joints and surrounding cells as well as influencing other internal organs in the body. Rheumatoid arthritis often called RA is also labeled as an " autoimmune disease in which the defense mechanisms mistakes the bodies very own substances and cells intended for foreign intruders and emits friendly fireplace on them" (Zelladt). " The initial bring about for this effect is unfamiliar, but the streptococcus bacterium and viruses have been suspect" (Marieb 239). One of the major distinctive features of rheumatoid arthritis is the fact it causes erosive swelling of the synovial tissue important joints and weakens and contributes to dislocation with the joints and permanent problems. The pathology of this disease leads to to the destruction of not only the articular the cartilage but likewise to the ankylosis joints, which cause the deformity of the fingertips. Because RA can affect multiple organs in the body, it is called being a systemic illness and it is often called a rheumatic disease. This disease frequently occurs in more than one joint and mainly affects the wrist and finger bones closest for the hand. Usually if a singke hand or a single knee has RA, the other 1 also does. RA is one of hundreds of diseases and conditions that effects muscle tissue, bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and bones in both males and females.

RA is the most common type of inflammatory arthritis. There are more than a couple of million us citizens affected with RA. 73% of all clinically diagnosed patients happen to be women. This s most often found in people of central age nevertheless is also seen in children and young adults. It can also be developed that individuals from all ethnic experience and events. About twenty percent of all those who have RA evaluation negative for the rheumatic factor. These kinds of patients are said to be labeled as " sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis". Many people believe that seronegative patients include a much less sever case of RA, but which includes not been found true.

The particular cause of rheumatoid arthritis is still not known. Even though infectious agents including viruses, bacteria and fungi have been alleged to be the reason, not one of them have been verified as the main cause. It is a incredibly highly explored disease. Experts are still trying to get a better understanding of how the immune system and innate factors will be affecting the inflammatory operations that cause RA to arise. A recent study carried out by Diane Mathis, a professor in Harvard Medical School, confirmed that a natural gut bacterias set off joint disease in mice. During this study they identified that rats under a bacteria condition develop RA considerably slower compared to the control rodents that were " naturally colonized with various nonpathogenic microorganisms" (Zelladt). That they found the fact that naturally colonized mice made higher levels of an immunoregulatory proteins called IL-17. This kind of protein stimulates inflammation. If the IL-17 was blocked that showed a lesser amount of inflammation and a decline in the progression of the disease. RA has been linked with illness by pathogens such as rubella, the Epstein Barr disease, and mycoplasm viruses. In respect to Diane Mathis, this kind of disease can be " thought to be be a blend between relationships of genetics and the environment" (Scientific America).

There are numerous risk elements for RA. Some include overweight, gender, and stress upon joints. Anti-keratin antibodies and anti-perinuclear aspect also seem to be markers that predict the introduction of RA in rheumatic component positive individuals. Genetic factors and 80 percent of people together with the rheumatic aspect are also examples of risk elements. Women are usually three times very likely to develop arthritis rheumatoid than men. People with particular human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes have reached a greater risk of developing arthritis rheumatoid than persons...

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