Business Plan for Erk and Jerk Poultry

 Business Plan pertaining to Erk and Jerk Rooster Essay

Business Plan to get Erk and Jerk Chicken


Natasha Shaw

Deontae Bryant

Terrance Kearney


2618 w. 71st Street

Chicago, il, IL. 60629

Telephone: (773)559-6526

Fernkopie: (773)559-6524

E-Mail: [email protected] com

I. Desk of Articles

I. Stand of Contents3

II. Business Summary3

III. General Company Description3

4. Products and Services3

V. Marketing Plan3

MIRE. Operational Plan3

VII. Management and Organization3

VIII. Personal Financial Statement3

IX. Start-up Expenses and Capitalization3

X. Financial Plan3

XI. Appendices3

XII. Improving the Plan3

II. Business Summary Erk and Jerk chicken specializes in Jamaican cool, fried, cooked and smothered chicken using a choice of speedy serve teigwaren, scrumptious macaroni, New Orleans style Gumbo, Jambalaya and homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. We are one of the first fast-food places that allow buyers to have a decision from our various variety of aspect dishes which goes with our homemade tasting chicken. We started are business in 1999 and began franchising in 2005, and since then we have produced from one relatives -owned organization to twenty-five franchised spots. The fast-food concept permits our consumers to enjoy a high-quality, nice tasting meal within seconds of positioning their order. Our standard consumers are reduce, middle and upper midsection income adults, ranging from the ages of nineteen to fifty-five whom have grown tired of typical fried junk food restaurant and prefer to eat a wholesome healthy meal instead. Erk and Jerk has exploded substantially within the last few years. In 2003 we sold our rights to get ten business units in the state of Illinois and five models in a small area in Augusta Georgia (two of which are family owned). Several of the other dispenses in happen to be in Fl, Wisconsin and St . John all of which will be meeting or perhaps exceeding product sales expectations. Erk and Jerk has recently knowledgeable a 150% increase in product sales over the pursuing closing 1 / 4 for the following reasons: Superb Environment: As a result of our experience in locating the perfect destination to effectively reach expected target audience we are able to present consumers something which is completely unlike the typical take out industry. Mass Appeal: Each of our large and diverse menu gives Erk and Cool the strength and adaptability to charm to a vast array of consumers. The chicken mate, the Italian food mate, the New Orleans style foodstuff lover, the Creole food lover, the conscious eater, the lasagna lover, the salad chef, children and adults, and families or couples may all discover something on our menu that they will take pleasure in. Dynamic Customer satisfaction: Our unique customer service is usually incomparable to the of our competition; we offer our employees or employee trainees an extensive class on dealing with a variety of customers and consumer situations. We provide a controlled class that looks like an Erk and Jerk business, and we make our staff how to react to customers in a given state. We have stars simulating clients act out real life situations (i. e. a customer enters the establishment and is also very irate that the lines are somewhat long in length and they has patiently lay for ten minutes he gets to the counter and get a menu item as well as the employee tells the customer it can easily be by least a ten day wait on fresh teigwaren or macaroni the customer insists that that is to very long considering they may have waited to put their purchase, we teach the employee tips on how to respond to that situation. Easy Replication: A great cook may always aid in increasing sales, and a good organization operator can help up to eating places perform well, nevertheless our foodstuff concept can easily be replicated it may make any one of our franchisee's business a national and international achievement. The ease of each of our operation is actually separates Erk and Jerk from any kind of our competitors. Any individual whether or not they know how to perform a successful restaurant can make a amazing...

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