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(American Hot Wing)



Exec Summary

American Wing is a small-sized popular wing & fish restaurant, which will be located at near the Kroger mall where the perfect commercial area with large daily visitors patterns.

In a severe competitive cafe, it is becoming more and more more difficult to differentiate one restaurant idea from one other. American Side does this because they are the only restaurant to provide speedy and delicate customer service service in combination of one of a kind, tasty warm wing & fish cooked with exceptional sauce. The menu will probably be specialized in sizzling wings & fish with high quality natural material and organic and creative style.

The company has great potential for expansion in revenue, and with attractive area, long-established traditional taste of hot wing & fish at worth prices and satisfactory and responsible customer service, substantial development in earnings should be realizable in next 3 years.

2. Key to Success

The keys to the success of yankee Wing happen to be:

1 . Top quality foods with unique spices: we provide the best quality foods with fresh raw materials and exceptional seasoning.

installment payments on your Exceptional service that leaves a great impression: Friendly staffs with shiny smiles will give you the best services in town.

3. Strict control of all costs, at all times, without exceptions: We all won't allow to funds wasted and you will be alert on every cash-in/out moves to maximize net cash.

some. Hiring the very best people available, training, motivating and encouraging all of them, and therefore retaining the friendliest, most effective and talented staffs likely

III. Businesses Management

1 ) Owner influenced business supervision: Mrs. Lee, who has 3 years experience of sizzling wing restaurant " American Wing in Union city” will be full-time manager intended for the business.

2 . All of us will keep an appropriate and popular restaurant where a diversity of folks will come to for great mouth watering of sizzling wing & fish. 3. " Client Opinion Box” will be located at the counter-top, so that ideas and responses can be promptly reviewed to get better service.

4. Shop hour will probably be open via 11 a. m. ~ 9 s. m. pertaining to Mon through Thurs and from 11 a. m. ~ twelve p. m. for Comes to an end and Lay.

5. For the convenience of customers, we can deliver our food within just 2 . your five miles.

4. Marketing Strategy

Our primary focus in marketing is to increase consumer awareness inside the surrounding community. We can price our products moderately, keep each of our standards excessive, and do the concept so that word-of-mouth will probably be our primary marketing push.

Furthermore, we is going to do outside advertising using multi media where people easily recognize our restaurant. Major advertising will be made about yellow pages, flyers, and local media papers.

Romance with Suppliers

Keeping good marriage with suppliers and vendors are also crucial to us to obtain lower product cost. All of us also keep quick payment policy towards the vendors to make good credit rating. To keep the food cost down, we purchasing nonperishable food items in large quantities for discount.


No direct and potential competition detected from your new business entry into the industry within two mile radius.


We will certainly set-up an efficient and organized operate shifts program for employees to provide quick service to the clients during launch and dinner several hours. Since the business requires excessive standards of customer satisfaction, management will inform employees about the importance of the quality services that produces best customer care through...

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