smoking amongst university female student

 smoking among university woman student Composition

п»їsmoking among female university students is a trend nowadays. In 5 passage essay point out opinion about this matter. Provide a suitable title with this. Smoking Tendency Among Woman University Student

Why do female university students smoke? Based on figures, out of 28 a lot of of people in Malaysia 15% of woman students is likely to smoke at present. Cigarettes are made up of tobacco and also other chemical substance. Girl university students smoke because impact by good friends, influence by simply environment and curiosity. Firstly, female university students smoke because they have been affected by their friends. Friends will be the closest persons that can influence our frame of mind. For example almost all of the female college students live along with their good friends in university or college and they use most of all their time with the friends. The probability they are going to smoke can be high in case their friend likewise smoke. The people among us may affect our behavior. Next, girl university students smoking because they have been influenced by the environment. Smoking cigarettes among the student is a tendency nowadays. Every single day we can see persons smoke all over the place. The media also displays the advertisement about cigarette. And so the students will attract to try it. The students should endure with all the environment and media should certainly stop their very own advertisement regarding cigarette and begin a plan of how to lower smoking when it comes to. Besides that, female students smoke because of the curiosity. Eighty percents among the teenager who wish to try something new will business lead into cigarette smoking as it is the basic principles one. Cigarette smoking can give all of them some sense and also will make clam. The us government should take even more00 to abused cigarretes between students.

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