Computerize Details System

 Computerize Info System Dissertation


The Manual Method is more time eating and needs a male power to take action. It is made manually through written types.

While computerized system is less time consuming and you could avoid problems. It can help to solve problems quick and simple. It can do grades and private information simpler and retains the records keep for a longer period.

The computerized Information Program for God Is My personal Shepherd Christian School is made for the development of all their way on how the students fill-up about their personal information.

TLIMS Christian School is using a manual system that is very time consuming and hard for the registrar to solve for a issue. The TLIMS Christian College is support by the researchers to give computerize information program for fast and simpler process of all their personal information.


General Objective

• Design an registration system and grading system for TLIMS Christian University that will treat the files and information's.

Specific Goal

• In a position to develop an easy and advanced system in preparing for the enrollment and gathering college student information with speed and accuracy.

• Help the archivar to solve concerns of the enrollment and personal pupil information employing Microsoft Aesthetic Basic 6. 0.

• Make the performs of the registrar fast and easy.

• Produce hard copies of student's records.

Statement of the Problem

As the proponent performs an interview with the given personnel of the company, they had encountered some concerns and those challenges serve as strategies for the researchers to build their very own propose system:

• It can be costly time intensive and boring.

• This can be a calamity vulnerable area that could affect the documents and files.

• It is hard to figure out, because of several problems that simply cannot solve by the human expertise.

• Unorganized keeping of records and files.

Significance of the Examine

The importance of computerize information system is to handling easy work for those who have needed that quickly. It will help other educator give information to scholar faster than manual system. Enhance their university in their personal system in handling there information program. And for them to accommodate many students, they have to computerize the information about the students. For them to make their function fast and easier compared to the manual system they use. As well, computerize details system maintains records neatly and organized.

For us experts, computerize information system develop our documents skills in gathering information in TLIMS Christian School. It also really helps to improve connection skills through interviews and meetings. Believe for the codes which should put in the system so that it is going to run.

Institution History

The school started their ministry to children in 1996 as being a Sunday college class. Students were questioned. The school then simply continued with the vision to grow in respect to Lord's time and will certainly. God used his servant, in the person of Rev. Genes L. Paderan as an instrument to pioneer a church and set up a church primarily based school in Antipolo Town.

In the year mil novecentos e noventa e seis, the Lord blessed us to begin our institution but it is restricted only to Pre-school level in Phase I Bagong Nayon 2 Antipolo City.

" TLIMS” Christian Institution which simply means " The Lord is my Shepherd Christian School”, a private nonsectarian, pre-school and elementary school, run entirely within non-stock and non-profit, no matter what little amount is understood at the end from the school as improvement of facilities or. TLIMS Christian School opened with The lord's guidance, His divine phrase and upon the hope of Revolution. Genes J. Paderan. TLIMS Christian College goal is usually to educate certainly not...

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