Clashes Between Authorites

 Conflicts Between Authorites Dissertation

Conflicts Between Authorities

Antigone, the primary character of Antigone, defends her lifeless brother, Polyneices' honor while she disobeys the laws of King Creon. Antigone shamelessly and proudly fails the law, is not concerned with if she's caught, and loudly admits to the criminal offenses in front of her fellow people. Mrs. Good, the main figure of Trifles prevents a neighbor from being charged with her husband's murder because she fails the law looking at two legal authorities, the sheriff as well as the county attorney. Both characters' crimes are similar; however , their differences lay in how they handle all their illegalities. Ms. Hale executes her offense deviously and quietly, does not want to be caught, and has no intention to. In the enjoy Trifles, the legal authority is the region attorney and the sheriff, plus the moral regulation would be the women, Mrs. Good and Mrs. Peters. In Antigone the moral enterprise would be the divine law, like the gods, as well as the legal authority would be Creon being the enforcer with the civil laws. The conflict between the women, county attorney, and the sheriff all arose from the homicide of Mr. Wright. In Antigone the conflict among moral and legal organization arose through the burial of Polyneices. Antigone felt that she was required to bury Polyneices because if she hadn't she would get the wrath of the gods, or the moral organization.

In Trifles the legal power expressed a male excellent attitude toward Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters which will caused them to feel vulnerable and digital rebel against the legal authority through the case with the murder. The county lawyer says to Mrs. Good " Ah, loyal to your sex, I see. But you and Mrs. Wright were friends and neighbors. I suppose you were good friends, too” (Trifles 1114). The county lawyer replies with this once Mrs. Good sticks up for Mrs. Wright's house. Wish few goods are out with their place does not mean she is the slob it could be her partner. Once the girls found the clues the Mrs. Wright had put aside to show for what reason she experienced killed her...

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