Csr of Dutch Lady Dairy Industries Berhad

 Csr of Dutch Female Milk Industries Berhad Composition

Nature/ Background of Dutch Lady Milk Sectors Berhad

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (" Nederlander Lady Malaysia" ) can be described as branded company of milk products in Malaysia. It was integrated in 1963 as a manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk called Pacific Milk Sectors (Malaya) Sdn Bhd. Dutch Lady Berhad then converted into a public company and became the first milk company in Malaysia on the Bursa Malaysia in late 1960s. Dutch Female Berhad is actually a subsidiary company of the Regal FrieslandCampina in Netherlands, one of many world's most significant dairy businesses. The second major shareholder with the company is usually Permodalan Lokal Berhad. Nederlander Lady Berhad obtains benefits from its holding company by simply obtaining global procurement solutions and creativity activities like a form of support. Dutch Lady Berhad established fact for its milk product and beverage brands such as Dutch Lady, Banda, Frisolac, Integral, Omela and Joy. The merchandise collection of the company include item for infants, growing-up dairy, condensed milk, pasteurised milk, cultured milk, yogurt, powdered milk, juice drinks and the like. Dutch Lady Berhad was your first company in the world to introduce the growing up milk method. These products incorporate Dutch Female 123, Nederlander Lady 456 and Dutch Lady 6+ (Colaco, n. d. ). Main competition of Nederlander Lady Berhad are Nestle (M) Berhad and Fonterra Brands (M) Sendirian Berhad as they likewise produce related dairy products. Nestle (M) Berhad became a threat when it tried to prolong its production capacity by simply investing more income, and thus contains a possibility of impacting Dutch Lady Berhad's revenue. Apart from this, Fonterra Brands (M) Sendirian Berhad focuses on the growth of their high-performing brands such as Anmum, Fernleaf and Anlene to be able to raise advancement and advertising investments of such brands (Elaine, 2008). On the bright-side, Dutch Woman Berhad includes a strong situation and large 1

reputation to get over its competitors. It is accepted as one of the best 30 of the very most valuable brands in Malaysia in addition to being identified as the preferred brand of milk in Malaysia and so, has become receiving the Reader's Digest SuperBrands Gold Merit for 14 consecutive years since year 1999 (Colaco, n. m. ). Dutch Lady Berhad also pays massive focus at the top quality control of their company's products. It acquired certification beneath ISO 9001 (Quality managing systems) since 1995, utilized HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) for its plants and equipment, ISO 14001 (Environment Managing System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health insurance and Safety Analysis Series). On top of that, all of usana products are halal-certified (Colaco, n. d. ). Dutch Woman Berhad made a continuous hard work to provide better services and products to its customers.

The CSR Activities Done by the Company

MARKET 1 . Corporate and business Governance The Board of Directors in Dutch Lady Milk Companies Berhad methods good company governance as complied together with the Malaysian Code on Company Governance. (a) The corporate governance statement found in the twelve-monthly report obviously states and explains the board of directors such as the structure, duties and responsibilities, panel meetings, re-election of company directors, directors' schooling and remuneration, board committees which include review, nomination and remuneration committee, accountability and audit


which include economical reporting, Statement of Directors' Responsibility, external and internal audit, relations with shareholders and shareholders. (b) The Board of Dutch Female comprises of several directors. You will find two executive directors, two non-independent non-executive directors and three self-employed executive administrators. (c) (i) Directors' costs which are paid to Non-Executive Directors are approved by investors at the Annual General Conference. The total benefits in kind, salaries and also other emoluments of Executive Owners of the Company are RM719, 000 and RM1, 742, 000 correspondingly. On the other...

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