Elections Essay

Elections and voting – president

|Stage |Functions |Occurs | |Primaries and caucuses |Show popular support for candidates |January – early June | | |Choose delegates to attend National Get together | | | |Conventions | | |National Get together Conventions |Choose presidential applicant |August/September (each last about 4 days) | | |Choose vice presidential applicant | | | |Decide on get together platform | | |General election marketing campaign |Campaign between candidates of varied parties |September, October and first week of November | |Election Working day and Electoral College |Elect the chief executive and the vp |Federal legislation states the election shall be held on the| | | |Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each | | | |4th year

Requirements for presidential candidate

Constitutional requirements:

• Good American resident

• By least 35 years old

• Residency diploma of a decade

• 1951 – limited president to 2 terms

Extra requirements

• Political experience – presidents come from the swimming pools of recruiting (vice presidents, senators, house representatives). This kind of however is usually not always the case as Obama hadn't even served a full term in the Senate, his ticket well-balanced him away because Joe biden had dished up almost above 36 years. For example Newt Gingrich who may be a current His party candidate was your former presenter of the House and a member of the home of Staff. However political experience isn't just factor since shown simply by how Hilary Clinton with her 7 years as initial lady and 8 years in the Senate was crushed by Obama who only had three years in the United states senate • Major party recommendation – no candidate via a third party features ever attained any substantive votes • Personal attributes – very good if you're committed. The only chief executive who was a president that was not hitched was David Buchanan • Ability to increase large sums of money – Obama used the internet to boost donations. In 2007 Clinton raised $90 million, Obama raised above $70 mil and McCain raised $28 million. Nevertheless by 08 Obama acquired raised a further $63. a few million. Just one or two very prosperous independents may fund their particular money – Ross Perot and Dorrie Forbes • Effective organisation – Bob Dole lost the election because of his poor enterprise and Obama won his candidacy as a result of his strong organisation • Oratorical skills and telegenic

• Properly relevant plans – prospect must have procedures that are both practical and relevant

Primaries and caucuses

• Invisible main – the time between prospects declaring a great intention to perform fort eh presidency plus the first competitions of the main season. The invisible major is said to be crucial for a applicant to gain recognition and money, and to put together the necessary organisation. There is often a high relationship between whom wins the invisible...

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