Ethics Expression Paper

 Ethics Reflection Paper

Ethics Expression Paper

Jewelry Cunningham

University of Phoenix


March 29, 2012

Terry Norris

Ethics Representation Paper

In everyday life unique in the workplace or personal lifestyle, people have a particular level of ethics that is predicted. The following conventional paper will clarify the part of integrity and sociable responsibility in developing a proper plan. It will also consider the stakeholder demands. The conventional paper will also clarify how my personal ethical point of view has evolved throughout the program.

Explain the role of values and interpersonal responsibility in developing a tactical plan, looking at stakeholder demands.

The position of ethics and sociable responsibility offers advanced in personal lives as well as in the task place. Following the completion of the William's Institute Values Awareness Inventory, it was determined that my personal ethical account aligns even more with my beliefs. I think there is good in most everyone and making the right decision originates from within. Carrying out the right issue, ethically, is something that is usually instilled in us right from the start. There must be a willingness to make the right decision. In other words, based on the awareness products on hand, good people do very good actions.

When ever developing a proper plan, stakeholders depend on workers and business owners to make the right decision. Stakeholders are individuals who have a risk in the business. They can be customers, employees, and anyone who might be directly afflicted with a decision manufactured by the company. Producing the right and/or wrong decision will affect many persons. This is why the role of ethics is really important.

Describe how the ethical point of view has evolved through the program.

My personal ethical point of view has considered on a totally new outlook since the beginning of my journey here at the University of Phoenix. In the beginning, I felt as though my personal advancement inside my personal and working environment was based on my own feelings about certain situations. I...

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