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 Figures Of Speech Ywp Essay

Figures of Presentation

In the yellow wallpaper

....... Following are instances of figures of speech inside the story. (For definitions of figures of speech,  click here. ) Alliteration

with windows that appearance all ways�

The paint and paper look as if a boys' university had ever done it. It is stripped off—the paper in great patches all around the head of my bed.... � The colour is repellent, almost revolting; a smouldering soiled yellow,  strangely faded simply by the slow-turning sunlight. � It is a dull yet lurid orange in some places, a sickly sulphur tint in others. Anaphora

Personally, I disagree with their suggestions. �

Individually, I believe that congenial job, with excitement and change, might do myself good. I don't know how come I should publish this. �

I don't want to. �

I don't feel able. �


Even though John is actually a physician, his wife's state worsens underneath his treatment. Although the narrator thinks at times that her mental well being is increasing, it is deteriorating. For example , having seen the woman in back of the picture, she says, " I'm feeling ever so much better! I no longer sleep much at night, for doing it is so interesting to watch advancements; but I sleep significantly in the daytime. " Metaphor

You think you have mastered this, but just as you get very well underway in following, this turns a back somersault and presently there you happen to be. It slaps you in the face, knocks you down, and tramples after you.  � Comparison of the wallpaper design to a person or another creature Personification

One of those sprawling ornate patterns carrying out every artsy sin. � Comparison of the wallpaper pattern to a person. (Only a person can make a desprovisto. ) simply following the boring uncertain figure for a very little distance they suddenly make suicide—� Comparison of the picture curves to persons. (Only human beings can easily commit suicide. ) Simile and Personification

I remember what a kindly wink the knobs of our big, old bureau used to have, and there was a single chair that always seemed like a strong friend. � Comparison of the chair...

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