Five Steps in the Process of Building Programs for Foreign Distribution

 Five Stages in the Process of Building Channels pertaining to International Syndication Essay


The search for possible middlemen should start with study of the market and perseverance of requirements for analyzing middlemen providing that market. The company's wide policy guidelines should be implemented, but anticipate expediency to override coverage at times. The checklist of criteria may differ according to the sort of middlemen getting used and the characteristics of their romance with the business. Basically, this kind of lists are built around several subject areas: (1) productivity or perhaps volume, (2) financial strength, (3) managerial stability and capability, and (4) the type and reputation of the business. Emphasis is usually placed on either using the or potential productivity of the middleman. Establishing policies and making checklists are easy; the real process is implementing them. The major problems are finding information to assist in the assortment and range of specific middlemen, and discovering middlemen open to handle one's merchandise. Organizations seeking offshore representation should compile a list of middlemen by such resources as: (1) the U. S. Department of Trade; (2) from the commercial perspective published web directories; (3) international consulates; (4) chamber-of-commerce teams located overseas; (5) various other manufacturers generating similar but non-competitive goods; (6) middlemen associations; (7) business guides; (8) management consultants; (9) carriers especially airlines; and (10) Web-based services such while Unibex, a global business center.


Locating prospective middlemen is less a problem than determining which of them is able to do satisfactorily. Low volume or low potential volume hinders most leads, many are underfinanced, and some simply cannot be trustworthy. In many cases, if a manufacturer is definitely not well known abroad, the reputation of the middleman becomes the reputation of the manufacturer, therefore a poor decision at this point could be devastating.

A. Screening

The screening and selection process by itself should stick to this pattern: (1) a...