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Notification to Stakeholders: A Message coming from Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO Company Strategy

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Powerful from 2012, Sony offers integrated the printed gross annual and corporate interpersonal responsibility (CSR) reports into one report that delivers essential information on related improvements and endeavours. For further details, including online video content, please visit Sony's VENTOSEAR and CSR websites. Twelve-monthly Report




For more detailed information on Sony's financial overall performance or in its financial services business, please visit web sites below. Trader Relations 2012 Annual Record on Type 20-F Finance Business http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/ http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/library/sec. html http://www.sonyfh.co.jp/index_en.html (Sony Financial Holdings Inc. )


Notice to Stakeholders: A Message via Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO

" Sony will change. ”

Fiat is reform itself to offer new and exciting encounters to our clients around the world.



I became Leader and CEO of Volvo Corporation about April 1, 2012, being successful Sir Howard Stringer, and I am aware of the pounds of responsibility that comes with staying entrusted to build a more robust Sony. To d a y to h at the S um n y G l o u p company m g r i actually s elizabeth s capital t h r e e m a i n b u s i actually n at the s s i9000 e t: e m e c t r o n i c s, entertainment and finance. Entertainment and financial services have got stable business foundations and both are ready for future grow th. In contrast, the operating environment for each of our electronics business* remains severe, with profits suffering from price competition caused by product commoditization and the influence of constantly worsening forex trading rates. Appropriately, rebuilding the electronics business and repositioning it for growth will be the most urgent tasks pertaining to the Fiat Group, and my biggest responsibility. Sony is known for its groundbreaking products that inspire the attention of people the world over and jason derulo in fresh eras of entertainment. It has blessed us with many stakeholders who trust and support the Sony brand. The superb technology has allowed us to build a diverse and successful portfolio of hardware. We have built a abundant library of film, music and video game content and extensive global business skills. And we are utilizing our network services to connect this content to our products in increasing amounts. However , the most valuable useful resource is Sony's DNA—a special will and drive to create new value—which has been grown since Sony's founding and passed down in one generation of Sony staff to the next. My personal duty is always to change this provider into one that permits every Volvo employee to best communicate the Sony DNA within just them in order that we can all carry out what must be done to provide continuously bettering results. Sony will change. We am totally committed to making this happen. By simply furthering the integration of hardware and entertainment—the vision of founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita—and remaining true to Sony's GENETICS, we will succeed in building a better, better Sony. * Electronics business consists of Customer Products & Services, Professional, Device & Solutions and Sony Cellular Communications.

Operating Results in Monetary Year 2011

During the money year concluded March 31, 2012 (fiscal year 2011), our operating results, particularly in our electronic devices business, were negatively troubled by the Great East


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