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HIPAA Tutorial and Summary

Elegance Kalu


August twenty-eight, 2012

Dr . Gloria Wilson

HIPAA Article and Synopsis

Safeguarding healthcare data is very vital in any firm. With the current trend in healthcare and the proliferation of technology, obtaining methods and avenues to regulate and prevent the invasion in the patients' info is imperative. Identifying several forms of security breaches and instituting actions to implement and protect specific standards, policies, and procedures against leaking e-PHIs to assailants and hackers, will preserve patients' honesty and showcase growth of the business. To maintain the confidentiality of e-PHIs, HIPAA created privateness rule, reliability rule, and HITECH. These kinds of rules aid to safeguard patient's privacy, prevent, detect, and deal with security breach. Furthermore, infections, which are launched by cyber-terrorist, can attack the computer systems. Another way to safeguard patients' information is to guard buildings, equipment, and software. This is required for order to rob information, either for profit, to make a political level, or pertaining to entertainment. Employing programs like firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, intrusion detection system, disease detection, cryptography, and content material filtering can help guard against information cyber-terrorist. As a result, the corporation will save resources and revenue that might have been dropped through this technique. In conclusion, protecting patients' information is one of the methods to guard against leaking of patients' information. The healthcare industries required adequate communication to survive. Rendering means of uncovering and warding away these types of virus, does not only maintain patients' confidentiality


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