Internship Repot in Exim Lender in Bd

 Internship Repot on Exim Bank in Bd Dissertation



Prepared for

Alamgir Hossain


Meters. H. University of Business,

Presidency University.

Prepared By

Harun-or-Rashid Howlader


Course Code: INT-495

M. L. School of Business

Obama administration University

date of distribution

APRIL 3, 2012

Notification of Transmittal

April 3, 2012.

Alamgir Hossain


MH college of Business

Presidency College or university

Subject: Submitting of Internship Report eligible " contribution of foreign exchange department inside the net income of Exim bank”

Dear Sir,

This can be a Internship statement you given me about " contribution of foreign currency department in the net revenue of Exim bank”. I believe the knowledge i have obtained during practical work and preparation of the report offers enlarged my learning to the field significantly. I love your kind consideration and patience in going through the report to assess my functionality.

It's my personal special zeal to focus on this subject for you and may welcome all of your clarification and suggestion about any watch and idea of this survey with a good perception.

Yours sincerely


Harun-or-Rashid Howlader

IDENTITY. 082 116 025

BBA Program

082 (Batch)

M H School of School of Business

Presidency University

Supervisor's Declaration

Apr 23, 2012

I hereby declare that the concerned statement entitled " contribution of foreign exchange division in the net profit of Exim bank”. Is a pioneering by Harun-or-Rashid Howlader, ID082 116 025, 082 (Batch), M. They would. School of Business, Presidency University, accomplished his internships under my own supervision and submitted pertaining to the incomplete fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Supervision (BBA) for Presidency University or college. �


Alamgir Hossain


M. H. Institution of Organization

Presidency University or college

Student's Declaration

April twenty three, 2012


I hereby declare which the report of internship namely " contribution of forex trading department inside the net revenue of Exim bank. ” By me after the completion of three months of internship in EXIM Financial institution Ltd. for Rajuk Method Branch and a comprehensive research of the existing activities of EXIM Financial institution Ltd. and its particular implementation. �

I as well declared that the paper is usually my first work and prepare for academics purpose, a part of BBA Program and the paper may not be used in genuine market situation. �


Harun-or-Rashid Howlader

ID. 082 116 025

BBA Plan

082 (Batch)

M. H. School of Business

Obama administration University


The internships report is very helpful to connect the gap between the theoretical knowledge and real life encounter as per of Bachelor of Business Operations (BBA) plan. I was paying my own gratitude towards the Almighty Jahve because of whom I was being able to prepare this record paper.

We am genuinely indebted to my office for supplying me the chance to work outside for attaining heuristic expertise.

For the completion of my personal BBA system, I was designated to prepare a Report paper underneath the supervision of Alamgir Hossain lecturer of Presidency University; I was grateful to him in whose active guidance as well useful advice and sort co-operation made me assigned and inspired setting a goal of preparation and completion of this Report newspaper in time.

This kind of paper is definitely the outcome of my useful work at EXIM Bank Limited., Rajuk Opportunity Branch after 90 days of working and data collection. The statement could by no means been accomplished without the by using a some helpful cooperative officials and helpful authorities. I actually thank each of the officers, employees, especially...

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