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The students of accounting the moment enter in their very own career following passing graduation or content graduation in commerce, consider that there is a simple solution to every accounting problem. Not any, it is intended for away from the truth because there are many issues continue to be unresolved following having the familiarity with mere accounting. To become of student of accounting in real perception of the business community one should also concentrate on learning the problems of accounting practice and job. For this subject and explanation, the accounting theory is recommended. The accounting theory supplies the knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs), Contemporary concerns and other innovations in the field. With this chapter, the students will be introduced with accounting theory as well as main problems like " Theory, technique of constructing the idea, need of accounting theory”. Meaning of Theory

Our common belief about theory is divided between two notions. One particular perception of theory can be something which is far taken out of reality. All of us then state, it is possible or perhaps it is present only in theory, not in practice. Another understanding about theory is the trigger effect romantic relationship that exists behind any kind of event or perhaps practice. For instance , if a man leaps off the Fresh Empire Point out Building he may descend on the planet at a specified time inspite of his excess weight. If he survives his first attempt, but repeats it by somewhere close to the centre of the earth through the same height, he would end up being surprised to see that this time he provides descended in the world more quickly than before (we wish he has survived this time around also). For what reason? If he has an inquisitive mind, he might seek explanation which will lead him to the cause-effect romantic relationship. By applying medical method he might arrive at the idea of the law of gravitation (as Newton did). After that he knows not only the reason of his quick climbing down, but if this individual ever desires to leap off from similar height for another place, he must be able to predict time of his landing that is known. Our second perception regarding theory is a employment of scientific strategy to explain several phenomenon. A scientific method may be understood to be a method of reason that evolves and checks hypothesis about how precisely real world, visible phenomena are related. The purpose of scientific technique is explanation; medical method strives to develop a scientific body of theory through development of speculation. Thus, theory may be identified as " a cohesive set of hypothetical, conceptual and practical principles building a general shape of reference for a discipline of study. ”

Meaning of Theory

In the field of science, which include social technology, one may encounter a host of sights about Theory', which has a Greek root, ‘”Theoria”' meaning to " ”behold or view””. A popular explanation given by Kerlinger defines theory as " a set of interrelated constructs (concepts), definitions and propositions that present a scientific view of phenomena simply by specifying relationships among variables, with the purpose of explaining and predicting the phenomena”. Arnold Rose's look at is similar to the above statement. This individual defined theory as " an integrated body of meanings, assumptions and general offrande covering specific subject matter from which a comprehensive and consistent pair of specific and testable (principles) can be deduced logically. There are other sights which condition theory since " a collection of interrelated concepts at a reasonably high level of generality. ”

Characteristics of a Good Theory

A good theory should fulfill the following requirements:

(i) It will explain or predict tendency, i. e., they should be scientific. (ii) Hypotheses should be in a position of being analyzed empirically. Ideas which fail tests are generally not of universal applicability, therefore , must be changed by better or low refutable theories. (iii) Theories should be steady both inside and externally. Internal consistency is present when the analytical properties of theory ensure that the given theory predicts the...

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