Summary of International Organization

 Essay in Introduction to Intercontinental Business

Intercontinental Business Springtime 2013 GSIS, Ajou School - A Survival Tool set in the HOT, FLAT, CROWDED and UNSTABLE WORLD

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish?

Knowing how that you are likely to die is the foremost way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you could have something to reduce. You already are naked. There is not any reason not to follow the heart.

- Steve Careers (1958-2001)

Foreign Business Early spring 2013 GSIS, Ajou University or college - A Survival Toolkit in the POPULAR, FLAT, CONGESTED and VOLATILE WORLD

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish? Initially, Stay Alive. Or you could stay also ‘Antifragile' No longer become a chilly turkey.

Herman Hyunmin Kim

Contact: [email protected] com, [email protected] com, Portable: 010-8932-5047 Academic Background Seoul National University BA in Business Administration, School of 1982 MBA, Class of 1984 Experiences Knowledge: Cross-border Expense Banking, M& As DKME Daikyung Machinery & Executive, Chief Economic Officer KERR Asset Administration, Executive VP, Overseas Energy/Resources Investment Soulbrain Eng, CFO/Head of Overseas Business,

Herman Hyunmin Ellie

Kiwoom Investments Co., Ltd, Investment Bank

Tong Yang Securities/Tong Yang Cement Group(1986-2000) Head of Tong Yang Asia (Hong Kong) Inc Representative, Tong Yang Investments Gevena Business office Head of Derivatives, New tong/tanga Yang Europe (London) Foreign Finance Division, Tong Yang Securities Company., Ltd

Intercontinental Marketing Division, Samsung Consumer electronics others CPA (Delaware, US) Areas of fascination: Sustainable Growth, Conscious Economy

How we arrived this much? - Quick History of a persons Race


Contact: of Humans around the World The Pass on


Seoul National University BA in operation Administration, Course of 1982 MBA, Class of 1984

[email protected] com, [email protected] com, Mobile: 010-8932-5047

[Guns, Germs, and Steel –The fates of human communities, Jared Diamond] Educational Background



Competence: Cross-border Investment Banking, M& As Inside Auditor, Daikyung Machinery & Engineering CFO, Huneed Technology, TSC Memsys Investment Bank, Kiwoom Investments Co., Ltd Head of Tong Yang Asia (Hong Kong) Incorporation Representative, New tong/tanga Yang Investments Gevena Office Head of Derivatives, Tong Yang The european union (London) Worldwide Finance Section, Tong Yang Securities Co., Ltd International Marketing Split, Samsung Electronics пЃ¬

others CPA (Delaware, US)

Regions of interest: Sustainable Growth, Conscious Economy, Pleasure

A Brief History in the Human Race -- The Ultimate Factor

The most dramatic encounter of ultimate elements

Collision of Old Globe and " new world " at Cajamarca Plateau Once: November of sixteen, 1532 Exactly where: Peruvian highland town of Cajamarca So what happened? - Pizzaro's handful of soldiers defeated Atahuallpa's Imperial Army of forty, 000. Pizzaro took Atahuallpa hostage and received ransom of pile of gold and after after that killed Atahuallpa. This incident eventually triggered the decline of Inca. - The pile of gold ransom measures twenty two feet *17 feet *8 feet [6. 7m*5. 2m*2. 4m=83. 6CM]. When multiplied by a factor of *19. 3(specific gravity of gold), this weighs regarding 1, 613m/t, worth about U$90 billion dollars at current price.

The most dramatic come across of ultimate factors

Crash of Older World and New World in Cajamarca Level of skill

Atahuallpa Chief of Inca

40, 1000 Soldiers Not any horses

Fransisco Pizzaro Spanish conquistador

168 Soldiers 62 Horse Attached Soldiers Firearms & Viruses Good Enough Brains

Swords & Spears Too few Information

A few nation superior/inferior in intellect?

Here is a problem: Is civilization created out of outstanding intelligence? or perhaps Is it the consequence of a chain of developments, each made possible simply by certain preconditions, or in short by chances?


And then the era of globalization came by three stages

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