Use Office Equipment

 Use Office Equipment Article


Know about different types of office equipment and its uses

1 ) 1

Identify different types of equipment and their uses







Franking Machine;

Capturing Machine;


1 . a couple of

Identify the different popular features of different types of business office equipment

1 . 3

Explain why different types of equipment happen to be chosen for tasks


Understand the purpose of following instructions and health insurance and safety techniques

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Explain the goal of following manufactures instructions when you use equipment

2 . a couple of

Make clear the purpose of subsequent organisational instructions when using tools

2 . several

Identify health and basic safety procedures intended for using different types of equipment

2 . four

Describe the purpose of next health and security procedures when you use equipment

2 . five

Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean and hygienic


Learn how to use gear in a way that minimises waste

3. you

Offer examples of squander when using equipment

Some examples of causing waste when utilizing equipment will be printing out multiple copies of documents to find that there are spelling mistakes thus they will should be discarded. three or more. 2

Give types of ways to reduce waste

There are plenty of ways that a business can cut upon waste, they will do things like double sided producing, double checking out work before printing and doing a tester print before printing out multiple documents will cut down squander of paper and printer ink. 3. a few

Describe the purpose of reducing waste


Know about the different types of problems that might occur whenever using equipment and the way to deal with all of them

some. 1

Give examples of tools problems

There are many issues that can make a mistake when using business office equipment just like paper jams, network connection problems, running out of toner/ink when using the printer/scanner/photocopier. Electrical equipment is susceptible to overheating particularly if...

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