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‘Mangroves for Mankind'

[The January 2004 Tsunami had proven that seaside bio-shields just like mangroves and shelterbelt farms offer greatest protection against organic calamities like cyclones and tsunami. Tamil Nadu reported more than truck deaths but surprisingly, human being casualty and damage was minimal close to Pichavaram and Muthupet mangroves. Following this, Government of India had financed massive mangrove afforestation in Tamil Nadu. Muthupet has been a major mangrove afforestation web page in Tamil Nadu by 1987 onwards. FSI has reported that mangrove cover in Muthupet has increased by simply 1300 '. between 2001 and 3 years ago, which is a 93% increase of forest cover. The article footprints the surge of mangrove cover in Muthupet as well as its potential in offering upcoming protection against coastal disasters. ]


On 12 , 26, 2004, a being unfaithful. 0 value earthquake hit off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, triggering a tsunami that stated the lives of more than one hundred and fifty, 000 people and made millions homeless. This was one of the most destructive tsunami in the registered history of the human race. The disastrous tidal ocean had strike several coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and left at least 1, 500 people deceased. Nagapattinam noted the maximum quantity of 788 deaths, followed by Cuddalore (290), Kanyakumari (261) and Chennai (128). It was later revealed that habitations located close to or in back of the mangrove forests of Pichavaram and Muthupet had suffered fewer human casualties and less harm compared to areas without mangrove cover. Similar situation was observed in habitations having seaside shelterbelt plantations and extra tall sand sand hills. Studies conducted in the Cuddalore district afterwards confirmed the truth that mangroves indeed supply the best prevention of coastal disasters such as tsunami and cyclones. Dense mangrove forests growing along the shorelines can decrease the devastating impact of tsunamis and seaside storms simply by absorbing some of the waves' strength. A study carried out by Nordic Agency intended for Development and Ecology, Denmark in Cuddalore had says 30 forest per 95 square metres may decrease the maximum stream of a tsunami by more than 90 percent.

Realizing the importance of this kind of coastal woodlands, the Government of India financed raising of coastal shelterbelt plantations and mangroves beneath World Lender aided Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project (ETRP) and Countrywide Cyclone Risk Mitigation (NCRM) project in Tamil Nadu. Raising good coastal bio-shields therefore keeps key to the near future protection against all-natural disasters. Central to increasing of any successful planting is the strategy adopted for the same. Hence the near future security of coastal areas of Tamil Nadu essentially rests on successful forestry techniques that may ensure effective establishment of coastal farms.

In the condition of Tamil Nadu, Muthupet has been one of the main areas intended for raising mangrove plantations. Unnatural regeneration of mangroves in Muthupet has been in practice seeing that 1987. Beginning with the year 2k, raising of mangroves have been undertaken on the large scale in Muthupet. In the year 2009, the Forest Review of India had reported that mangrove cover in Muthupet has grown by as much as 1300 hectares, registering a 93% increase in mangrove cover between 2001 and 2007. This can be based on the figures supplied in the State of the Forest Reports to get the year 2001, 2003, june 2006 and 3 years ago published in their website Muthupet are now able to proudly claim to be a internet site for one of the extremely successful planting operations by the Tamil Nadu Forest Office.

In the state of Tamil Nadu, artificial regeneration of mangroves can be carried out by Apretado Bank Planting Technique. From this technique, canals are initial laid in selected areas to allow tidal water make their way excess dirt salinity and create conditions conducive to get establishment of mangrove propagules. The method of laying pathways has been subject to several improvements...

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