Mattel Advertising Case Study

 Mattel Marketing Case Study Dissertation



Fall 2013

Mattel Individual Case Report

We. Executive Overview

Mattel, Inc. (Mattel or 'the company') designs, manufactures and markets toys across the globe. The corporation operates in the Americas, European countries and the Asia-Pacific region. Based in El Segundo, Washington dc, and the organization employs about 30, 000 people since December thirty-one, 2012. Mattel has some of the highly acknowledged brands in the toy industry, with its primary brands featuring strong revenue and revenue. Mattel's merchandise lineup contains some of the best-known brands in children's gadgets, including Barbie, Hot Tires, American Young lady, Power Wheels, Polly Pocket and Fisher-Price. Barbie is the most well-known fashion toy brand for over 50 years. News and 2011, Barbie was named one of many 100 global brands that translated the latest consumer trends into its brands by a throughout the world recognized brand/design studio. Creature High, an emerging important brand in the company's profile, is the second largest offering fashion toy property in america as well as five European markets including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, as of August 2012, according to the latest toy industry estimates. Right up until August 2012, Mattel owned or operated 6 in the top 10 properties in the American toy sector. The company's solid brands will certainly continue to help it to permeate further in to new and existing market segments as they offer a competitive advantage to the firm in most in the markets through which it works. The company's truly does face challenges to continue suffered growth and market share and several of these issues will be tackles throughout this kind of analysis. Some concerns intended for the company consist of: Is Barbie past her prime? Barbie's failure in China, items recalls, constant competition, changing technology and existing product saturation with the market.

2. Problem/Issue Affirmation

Mattel has been around for many decades and has a managed a strong risk in the gadget & game titles industry. The industry could be stated to become a mature sector, although because of constant scientific and social changes, and also growth in emerging market segments, there is wonderful opportunity to always grow profits and grow. There is a great every revolving need for dependence on learning games for children and teens, and in addition for games with bigger levels of interactivity, i. electronic. virtual, laptop, etc . Rather than view these changes being a threat, in the event that analyzed appropriately, they can cause strong growth opportunities, and a chance for the business to grow with its basic and prolong its support life cycle per user. Societal changes will always affect the consumer products marketplaces, including changing birth prices, cultural alterations, women/men's jobs, poor economic climate, etc . Mattel has to handle the fact the toy sector is very condensed with their goods, although they carry out have intensive product lines, the duration the merchandise have been on the market can lead to monotony with items if the items don't alter with the occasions even if the customer changes and matures and they get fresh users. A substantial opportunity nonetheless remains to increase penetrate growing markets, however the company has to be able to correctly addressing additional cultures equally without criminal offense, and to effectively understand the big difference in market segments. Even domestically, the company must address changing women's concerns as it pertains to its key products lines. Are goods targeting young ladies changing while using times? Ought to girls even now play with dolls?? Kids develop up: tips on how to extend product life line every user; one other opportunity is usually to capture elderly market through high tech gadgets. Even the adult toy marketplace has chances, but have to become concerned to not lose identity with consumer bottom. The counter-fit toy industry poses a significant threat to the company's final conclusion. I try to look at some challenges to Mattel during this case research.

III. Situational Analysis...

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