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To Autumn by John Keats

Poem Analysis

This poem was written by one of the most well known British Romantic poets of the second generation, Ruben Keats. It absolutely was one of Keats final bits of poetry created in 1819 before he passed away in 1821 at the early age of twenty-five. This Ode revolves around the progression in the season slide and the Poet's feelings towards it. It can structured in 3 stanzas; each stanza portrays Keats feeling towards various changes autumn brings. The first stanza revolves around the early alterations of fall months and the sightings such as ripening of fresh fruit, harvesting period and party of the season arriving. Ongoing the second stanza consist of the poet personifying the season fall months as a Empress by giving that goddess like qualities, and continues to identify its sluggish natural conversions. Lastly the concluding stanza Keats techniques away from the pictures of fall months and draws attention toward the appears it bears. Throughout the stanzas the rendering of the differing changes of autumn expertly symbolises richness and significance of the season.

The poem is drafted in traditional English and archaism is usually evident through the poem, the use of 2nd person address including " thee, thy, thou” further improves the textual richness of the composition. In the 1st stanza the utilization the quotation " calm fruitfulness” advises the maturing of the fresh fruit, the symbolism portrayed through this is further enhanced through dynamic verbs " growing old, gathering, winnowing, plump, enlarge oozing”, this represents an image of fruit fit to burst and further adds to the significance of richness which is present throughout the poem. Continuing the quotation” until they think warm days will not ever cease” is usually reminiscent of the warm, comfortable early days of autumn, which creates a nice mood intended for the reader. Moving on into stanzas 2 and 3 the poet uses rhetorical questions just like " exactly where are the music of spring ay, exactly where are they” to attract the reader in and make them feel...

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