Media Technology

 Multimedia Technology Essay

Section 1

Organisations & personal career possibilities

Branding - Creativeinc. for instance

This Dublin based multi-disciplinary creative agency is a specialist in brand identity, design and advertising. They have a quite easy look & feel towards the work that they produce making a very effective end product. I would like the opportunity to see the process in which the company uses to come to one final design. I do think it would be beneficial to my personal design expertise. Creativeinc have created TV advertising to get the likes of Clearys, I really like their use of 3D text which will flows in front & in back of images about screen in this ad –more experience in this type of operate could be gained through work experience or more education.

Web design & app creation – Kooba. ie

This Dublin primarily based agency take the web to a new level, working with a few of Irelands top brands such as Tayto, Cadbury & Heinz. An appointment with Kooba is at the top of my set of goals. This company has a incredibly quirky however effective way of getting the message across. To be able to increase my own web design expertise, I would cherish the opportunity to acquire behind the scenes for Kooba to find out the ropes. With that said, We would need to specialise a bit more in the web design discipline and further education is the just way frontward here.

Pre & Content production to get TV - Piranhabar. for example

Piranha Bar offer a wide variety of pre and post development facilities intended for the television commercial industry. As an ever changing industry I would love the possibility to experience the method Piranha Club use to gain such amazing results. The agency have produced a few beautiful advertisements for the likes of 2fm, VHI & Heineken. Once again, further more education specialising in post-production would be a requirement. I have too little experience in the pre-production method to know if this would be to me – therefore , a small amount of unpaid work experience in this area could transform my mind on it.

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