Obesity in America

 Obesity in America Essay

Joseph Saah

Cameron Mozafari

English info, Section 0603

16 The fall of 2011

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Developing obesity costs among the adolescent human population has become an ever-increasing problem in the last decade. While pressure have been placed on gov departments to limit the amount of advertisements that adolescents are exposed to, these types of efforts might be futile because of constitutional limits. The issue that is increasingly brought to the attention with the public is usually how to equilibrium regulation of the informational environment to help reduce child obesity compared to First Amendment's guaranty of freedom of speech. Yet , the root base of the unhealthy weight epidemic may be traced to more critical environmental elements. The weight problems epidemic has to be addressed simply by parents whom are in the end responsible for their child's health insurance and well-being since fast food corporations cannot be faulted or punished for advertising food that children want to buy. Due to rising obesity rates coupled with the legislative stalemate involved with banning advertisements, father and mother should enjoy a more lively role inside the health of their child. Parents can achieve this kind of by influencing micro environmental factors such as dietary tastes and attitude toward advertising, and macro environmental factors, such as keeping a supportive surrounding environment.

Parents need to address food preference early enough to assure a proper well balanced diet for children. Though an individual has innate meals preferences, diet habits happen to be learned and mirrored through those of the family, and even more specifically, the fogeys. At a new age, children consume a majority of meals bought and prepared by their parents. This can have an optimistic or adverse outcome since parents produce uninformed decisions regarding the types of food they buy for their children. The availability of unhealthy food plays a serious role in an individual's daily caloric intake. Consistent purchasing of junk food will inevitably cause children to become accustomed to the taste, leading to desire of these treats over much healthier substitutes. This is certainly crucial because young children have no idea why they dislike green beans or perhaps carrots, nor do they will consider the outcomes of their decisions on the long term. In fact , seeing that learned behaviors are adopted through part modeling by simply parents; in the event that parents overeat, then children are likely to stick to this design. While some may hold the idea that promoters combat parent's efforts to keep their kids healthier, simple steps which have been fully within just parental control can be taken to reduce a child's likelihood of obesity. Barbara Livingstone, a medical investigator, claims that " cross-sectional studies include reported that children and adolescents who regularly consume dinner with family members happen to be significantly less probably be overweight and even more likely to possess healthier eating habits, compared with those who eat less frequently with the family”(2). This cause and effect relationship is particularly important to children because, at a young age group, food preference changes with the experiences. If an individual evolves bad ways of eating at a young age, there exists a greater possibility that these patterns will persevere into the teenage and early on adult years. In terms of diet habits, advertising agencies have a minimal impact on fast food intake in comparison to the parents who give you the meals. The work of healthy diet a children's dietary preference may be difficult for parents who lack the essential knowledge to market a healthy diet. Parent's lack of data regarding balanced and healthy diet serves as an important barrier of progress about the rising unhealthy weight rates among children. Being a parent, individually maintaining a healthy diet is insufficient to fully prevent their infant's risk for weight problems. Parents need to take the extra step simply by communicating for their children the actual message that advertisers are attempting to get across and the accurate dangers that could become prevalent if bad habits continue...

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