Seeing Reactions of Sulfuric Acidity

 Observing Reactions of Sulfuric Acid Exploration Paper

Assessment task a few oral display summary

Description of the experiment

* Goal: To observe the reactions of sulfuric acid since an oxidising agent and as a dehydrating agent. Equipment:

* 20mL of focused sulfuric acid solution

* 20mL of 2mol/L sulfuric acidity

* a couple of small bits of each of copper, zinc and straightener

* Sandpaper

* 15 test pipes

* Evaluation tube rack

* 2g of sweets crystals (sucrose)

* two wooden ice-cream sticks

5. 10mL calculating cylinders


A: Sulfuric acid because an oxidising agent

1 . Clean items of metal with sandpaper to get rid of oxide coating. 2 . Include a piece of every metal to a separate test out tube.

several. Add 5mL of concentrated sulfuric acidity to each check tube. some. Record the observations.

your five. Repeat the experiment with 2mol/L sulfuric acidity.

B: Sulfuric acid while dehydrating agent

1 . Place 1g of sugar (sucrose) and a wooden ice-cream stick in separate test out tube. installment payments on your Add 1-2mL of centered sulfuric chemical p to each test tube. 3. Record the observations.

four. Repeat the experiment with 2mol/L sulfuric acidity

Risk examination

* Conc. sulfuric chemical p is highly rust

* If conc. Sulfuric acid can be spilt, do not add water

* Hydrogen sulfide gas


| Observations

| Conc. Sulfuric acid| two mol/L sulfuric acid

Copper| No visible change| No observable modify

Zinc| Simply no observable change| No visible change

Iron| * Exothermic reaction * Bubbling gas| Not any observable change| Sugar| 2. Exothermic response * Dark solid can be produced and pushed out from the test tube * Gas with ruined egg smell is released| No visible change| Wood| * Dark-colored layer is on the wood| No visible change| Quality and stability

* Research was not repeated

* Low reliability

2. Results not really consistent with the known theory

2. Invalid

* Require to eliminate experimental mistakes

Analysis of the results

HSC syllabus...

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