Over Dependence of Youngsters upon Modern Technology

 Over Dependence of Young people on Modern Technology Essay

Prof. Min-tzer Lin

English language Compostion III


Jarrel Zhen-yoong Ng 伍雋永

Over Dependence of Youngsters on Modern Technology

Just imagine. In the event that an eighteen-year-old, normal techno-dependent son who lives in the cardiovascular of the Big Apple—New York City—today, were to be transferred to similar city some decades in the past in a time bending, if there are ever a period machine. Could he live all the same enjoyably in an similar city with just the " mere” differences of it as being a few decades younger and technically underdeveloped? Will a boy and so young and therefore dependent on modern technology like him survive the era? Or perhaps an even simpler question: Could he remain sane in a world with no advanced technology? We certainly question it. Youngsters' over reliance on technology currently is not altogether effective, as it can bring about numerous having to worry problems. Today, electronic devices like mobile phones would be the most important points in peoples' lives, specifically youngsters. They rely greatly on mobiles not just for the sake of communication like in the old days and nights, but also for the purpose of extinguishing boredom. Whenever they go out, mobile phones are always a must inside their pockets. While using prevalence of mobile phones, or maybe more sophisticated iphones, the life styles of kids have been improved. They can not anymore stand a life with no device. Based upon my personal statement, people are more incline to kill period by surfing the internet or perhaps playing games on the smart phones rather than reading catalogs. Online plagiarisms are even viewed as common sensation in schools. The sad fact is definitely, the inclination of using written supplies for academic purposes will be gradually reducing though literature are often very reliable in comparison with on the web sources. The over dependence of kids can be viewed as addiction to internet searching and game play, either via smart phones, desktop computers, laptops or...

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