Rizal Actions Ch

 Rizal Activities Ch Dissertation


Name: Soriano, Renz Paul C. Score:

Yr/Course/Sec: first year/GE-2209Date: December. 02, 2014

Explain the next.

1 . Offer at least three reasons behind the study of Rizal Course. a. For us to get informed of the National Leading man.

w. To study Rizal Course more deeply means viewing him when he truly was- nationalistic, brilliant, courageous yet also short tempered,

and sometimes allergy which simply show his being man.

c. For us to be able to enjoy his deeds for the beloved nation. 2 . Clarify Ambeth Ocampo's phrase Reverence without Understanding.

It means that reverence with no understanding is perfect for deities, who are not like Jose Rizal who determined his life to totally free our country. To be able to value a main character like Jose Rizal, we should be able to understand- not his acts nevertheless the thoughts behind his activities, as well as his inspiration and the people who motivates her/him. a few. How do you manifest Love for Country?

I will manifest his passion for Nation by simply as being a role unit to each and everybody and staying proud as a Filipino. 5. Enumerate in three virtues of Rizal which are worth emulating. a. willingness to sacrifice his life for the cause of his native property b. high sense of justice

c. family solidarity

5. Provide two reasons why Rizal is known as a " Modern Day hero. ” a. Because he conquered his inferiorities.

b. Capable of accept a great responsibility- he gave his own existence for his country.


Term: Soriano, Renz Paul C. Rating:

Yr/Course/Sec: 1st year/GE-2209Date: Dec. 02, 2014

Define the junior of today with regards to the following:

A. Morality

When considering in values, youth of today have modify because of the different aspect that modern life has had. But I could say that even now there are some youth who's pleased and willing to become a role style to every junior he/she may well encounter. Also, there are junior who's planning to bring ethics for the country. B. Love of education

Youth of today cared about the education. Especially those teenagers whose a lot more in poverty. They wished to change their very own lives and have a better life simply by studying hard because we expect that " Education is key to achievement. ” C. Hobbies and recreations

The hobbies and recreation with the youth is somewhat more of modern technology. They use their period mostly in playing video games, watching TV and surfing the world wide web. Also, a few the teen is fond in playing outdoors game titles like basketball and football. D. Interpersonal and personal responsibilities

To be honest, when it comes in social and political feature, youth more recently doesn't care about it. Certainly not doesn't proper care but they dismiss it just like it's certainly not important. But there are junior who needed change in the system of management in our region and also I think that the SK can help teenagers to be aware of exactly what is happening inside our country.


Brand: Soriano, Renz Paul C. Rating:

Yr/Course/Sec: 1st year/GE-2209 Date: December. 02, 2014


Draw a " Genealogy” of Jose Rizal

Mother's Ancestry:

Paternal Ancestry:


Discover the following:

Summer 19, 1861 1 . The entire date of Jose Rizal's birthday. Fr. Rufino Collantes 2 . The priest whom baptized Jose Rizal. Domingo Lam-Co several. Jose Rizal's paternal dominant who migrated to the Thailand from Amoy, China in the late 17th hundred years.

Sangley some. It practically means " traveling trader. ”

Jose Florentino your five. Jose Rizal's uncle who had been elected towards the Spanish Educado.

Schizoid Historical past 6. A term which usually describes a person who lives

between two cultures.

Rizal 7. A reduced form of the...

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