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Space Quickly pull is a 1996 American live-action/animated film featuring Michael Jordan opposing Bugs Rabbit (voiced by Billy West) and the rest of the Looney Songs characters. It absolutely was produced by Ivan Reitman, and directed simply by Joe Pytka (live-action) and Tony Cervone & Generic W. Cruz (animation). This film was released to film theatres by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment in Nov 15, 1996.

Other noises included Greg Bergen because Porky, Tweety, Hubie and Bertie and Marvin the Martian, Invoice Farmer since Sylvester and Dee Bradley Baker as Daffy and Taz.

The Looney Music crew would not return to video status later on until the year 2003 in Looney Tunes: Last Action.

Space Jam was also modified in a pinball and a video game by simply Acclaim Entertainment for PC-DOS, Sega Saturn and PlayStation.


Spoiler warning: Storyline and/or stopping details follow.

In this video, aliens known as Nerdlucks turn up on Earth to capture the Looney Tunes personas and take the capsules back to Moron Mountain, a great outer space amusement park belonging to all their boss, Mister. Swackhammer, been vocal by Danny DeVito. Insects Bunny convinces the extraterrestrials that the Looney Tunes should be allowed to protect themselves. Since the aliens are extremely short the Looney Songs challenge those to a hockey game.

The aliens rob the expertise of 5 NBA actors (Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Capsules, Larry Meeks and Shawn Bradley) and employ it to transform themselves into the high and buff Monstars. Fortunately, the Monstars haven't taken the ability of Michael Jordan because he features retired by basketball to pursue a profession in hockey (and play golf) (which was a real life event). Pests Bunny gets Jordan to help them in their hockey game. The Looney Songs manage to win the game and their freedom. Swackhammer berates the Monstars intended for losing, however they recognize that since they're no longer smaller than him, they do not have to put up with his bullying any more. They start Swackhammer into space, and present back the stolen...

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