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BA 578 Assignment-Sol- due simply by Midnight (11: 59pm) Wednesday, Sept fifteenth, 2014(Chapters 1, 2, three or more and 4): Total seventy five points True/False (One stage each)

Section 11. В An example of a quantitative variable is the telephone number of an individual. В FALSE 2 . В An sort of a period scale adjustable is the make of a car. В FALSE 3. Credit rating is one of an period scale adjustable. TRUE You cannot find any intrinsic Zero. An irrelavent minimum is made. Therefore , it is an interval range variable. some. The number of persons eating by a local cafГ© between noonday noontide, meridian and a couple of: 00 l. m. is an example of a discrete changing. TRUE Chapter25. В When building the classes for a consistency table it is generally arranged that the even more classes you use the better the frequency table will be. В FALSE We try to follow the 2k rule. Having too many classes is bad. 6. В The cumulative syndication function will certainly not be decreasing. В TRUE It is always increasing and becomes flat towards the end point. 7. В A Histogram is a graphic that is used to depict quantitative data. В TRUE Bar Graph is used for qualitative info. Chapter three or more

8.  The Mean is definitely the measure of central tendency that divides a population or perhaps sample into two equal parts (that is two parts with equal frequencies) FALSE It is the typical which will that. 9.   If you will discover 7 classes in a regularity distribution then a fourth class necessarily contains the median.  FALSE It depends for the class frequencies 10.  The sum of deviations from your mean (taking into account the frequencies) could be negative, absolutely no or confident.  FALSE It usually is Zero 10. The median is said to be less sensitive to extreme ideals.  TRUE This statement is known as a relative assertion (implicitly) contrasting Median while using other well-liked measure of central tendency, specifically, the Suggest. But some learners read the affirmation in overall terms and answered that wrong although they knew that Median is usually not very sensitive to severe values. Therefore , I taken out this query from grading. 12. The Empirical Secret is used to spell out a populace that is not very skewed.  TRUE It is depending on the shaped Normal division and can be securely applied simply for slightly skewed non-Normal distributions. For very skewed circulation it is not ideal. Chapter some 13. In the event events A and N are self-employed and A is not an impossible function, then P(A/B) is certainly not equal to actually zero.  ACCURATE In fact P(A/B) equals P(A) if A and B happen to be independent, that is not zero except if A can be an not possible event. 13. If incidents A and B happen to be mutually exclusive, then a conditional probability P(A/B) is a positive number greater than absolutely no but below 1 .  FALSE This is evident from the meaning of mutually exclusive situations. If M occurs a cannot happen. Therefore P(A/B) = 0. 15. The union of events A and N is given by simply all standard outcomes popular among both A and M FALSE This kind of statement is for " Intersection”, not for " Union”. Multiple Choices (each question provides two points): Chapter you 1 . Rate variables have the following exceptional or special characteristic:  A.  Meaningful orderB.  PredictableC.  Categorical in natureD.  An inherently defined zero value 2 . Which from the following is known as a quantitative varying?  A.  The make of a TVB.  The price of a TVC.  The VIN of a cards.  The rank of a authorities officerE.  The Driver's License Amount 3. Which in turn of the next is a categorical or Nominal variable?  A.  The Ssn of a personB.  Bank Bank account BalanceC.  Daily Sales in a StoreD.  Air TemperatureE.  Value of Company Inventory 4. The amount of Satisfaction in a Consumer survey would symbolize a(n) ____________ level of dimension.  A.  NominativeB.  OrdinalC.  IntervalD.  Ratio Phase 2

your five. When making a frequency distribution the class (group), intervals need to be A.  LargeB.  SmallC. Contradictory.  D.  Whole numbersE.  EqualHaving equal intervals (or nearly equal intervals) is usually " generally” (not always) desirable. But it really is not required and not actually appropriate in a few applications. For example , in Income distribution the classes...

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