Project Management Concepts

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Job Management Principles

OPS 571

April almost 8, 2014

Mentor Arun Iyengar

Project Management Concepts


Project supervision involves the planning, directing, and supervision of resources (people, materials, equipment) to perform a specific project. Three elements of a project includes the organizational composition, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Affirmation of Work (SOW). This newspaper will identify the three structuring projects linked to a project which includes Pure Job, Functional Project, Matrix Job and the benefits and drawbacks of each, the objective of the WBS and its importance to job management, and briefly illustrate the part of the PLANT within a job. Project management plays is vital to ensuring the achievements of any firm. Organizational Project Structures

Task management is a series of jobs\tasks in whose successful conclusion is required to satisfy the required end result of a job. Prior to starting task management senior managing must choose one of 3 possible structuring projects. These types of three company structures will be Pure Task, Functional Project, and Matrix Project, all have advantages and disadvantages that must be thought to ensure a project's accomplishment. Pure Job Advantages

Natural Project involves dedicated staff (team members) assigned to work a lot of the time on a task. The advantages of this type of project structure is that this type of project full power over the project is given towards the project manager (PM). The second advantage is the fact having a solitary project administrator allows associates to report to one employer only which usually eliminates the potential of miscommunication between team members and supervisors, this also permits lines of communications being shortened leading to quicker decision-making. Employees assigned to a task on a a lot of the time basis develop team pleasure, are motivated to accomplishing all tasks associated with the project, and illustrate a high level of commitment. Pure Project Down sides

Pure Project brings with it disadvantages that must be determined and discussed prior to the start of virtually any project. A single disadvantage is the fact team members assigned full-time into a project Gear and people will be shared throughout projects and are also unavailable to participate in other projects. An additional disadvantage is the fact since associates are often taken off physically from a business employees and management organizational policies and goals are often ignored. Employees assigned full-time to a project no longer exercise of a efficient area workcenter which can slow down project achievement because team members may imagine loss of work can occur once project has been completed. Functional Project Advantages

Practical Project varies from Genuine Project because it houses the project within a functional division. Organizations that select this kind of structure due to advantages of maintain employees in a division. 1 advantage is the fact Functional Job allows affiliates to stay in their particular functional areas which allows those to work on a number of projects, this keeps the technical experience within the useful area where it can be utilized on multiple assignments. Because associates are stay within their functional area when a project is done team members still work on different projects free of worry of life-after-project employment status. A plus for the business and associates who focus on Functional Projects is their very own ability to give technical expertise to resolve a project's specialized problems. Functional Project Cons

While a practical Project composition provides an firm with selected advantages there are disadvantages that needs to be addressed to ensure structure may be successfully applied to the project. A major disadvantage of the type of composition is that task management is managed by multiple functional managers. Multiple managers can cause conflicts that can have drastic...

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