This article is about best friends and how following 13 years they still can use so long collectively and not be sorry. MY BEST FRIEND is definitely the title

 This composition is about best friends and how after 13 years they continue to can use so long together and not second guess. MY BEST FRIEND is a title

At times I wonder how my entire life would be with no my best friend Tonya, after thirteen years of adding with each other we could still as inseparable as ever. We know everything about one other, share every thing, and spend hours speaking with each other developing a relationship that cannot evaluate any other friendship. Many times when we are together we are mistaken to get sisters and it's really easy to understand why; we both stand little more than five foot tall, include blonde curly hair, blue eye, and wear the same size clothing. It always seems that my wardrobe has more of her outfits in it than mine and vice-versa. Our moms can never prevent comparing paperwork as to how many outfits they have bought us that they've never seen issues actual kid wear. While we are together people swears we speak a unique language and between polishing off each other folks sentences, the jumps in topics, as well as the giggles it can amazing that people even understand each other. After working all day with each other we always end up talking on the phone all night and many instances repeating similar conversations without ever realizing this. For some persons it's hard to imagine becoming friends with someone to get so long, but once I were to choose one person outside of my children that I could hardly do without. I would opt for my best friend Tonya. We've helped each other throughout the good times and bad and held each other when a lot of guy has broken each of our hearts and in many cases yelled at each others parents. She is as much a part of my loved ones as anyone different, no matter what anyone says. Our company is best friends a lot, everyday I actually am pleased that we found each other so many years ago because neither of your lives have ever been the same.

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