Tracon - Airline Tracking Application of Nigeria.

 Tracon -- Airplane Monitoring Software of Nigeria. Article

The Airspace Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria (TRACON)

Documented by:

Jahath Bennett Inyang


School info Technology and Communications,

American University of Nigeria,

Yola, Adamawa Condition,



Accompanying upon the series of airline crashes that Nigeria seen between August 2005 and December 06\, the Federal Government was forced to have an unheard of, critical go into the aviation sector and possibly carry out a holistic overhauling of the entire system. The series of tragedies painted a negative image of the security of our air-space to the worldwide community which prompted due to its blacklisting, and so, the need to accomplish decisive actions to win back the confidence of air travelers. Certainly one of such ways to reposition the sector was the decision to embark on the installation of special interaction radars for strategic airfields across the country within a project code-named, TRACON, that means, Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria.

The purpose of TRACON

According to AllAfrica. com, " The primary aim of the radar task was to provide total insurance for the Nigerian airspace, enhance municipal and army surveillance of aircraft within the country. ” (2010: 4). The multi-billion naira project when functional was expected to monitor the airspace better and also increase safety because aircraft can be captured both on radar and communication. It had been designed to support both fliers and air flow traffic controllers in discharge of their duties. The equipment is intended to aid parting of aeroplanes in the airspace. With the adnger zone, the Nigerian Airspace Managing Agency's (NAMA) air visitors controllers should be able to track overflying aircraft; therefore it will increase the agency's income (BusinessdayOnline. com: 2).

To enable that carry out these types of functions efficiently, its executive designed was going to consist of Words Communication Devices (VCS), Voice Recording Systems (VRS), Very High Regularity Transceivers (VHFT), Fiber Optic, Display Gaming systems, Integrated Airplane Billing Devices (IABS) and spares when radars at the international airports comprise both primary and second radars (AllAfrica. com: 9). In addition to these, TRACON was so organized to have 4 primary and five supplementary radar brain strategically located through the length and breadth in the country, to get maximum insurance coverage of the country's airspace.

Being the deal

Becoming such a tremendous and extremely technical job, the contract was to become awarded into a reputable company with long great professionalism in execution of such jobs. Thales ATM of Portugal seemed to had been the chosen one in this regard. Although initially granted in the year 2003 as a result of government's foresight in keeping the nation's airspace in balance, lots of challenges and interferences could not permit the project to find the light of the day. However , inside the wake from the multiple failures that shook the aviators industry to its incredibly foundation, the us government under the then simply President Olusegun Obasanjo re-awarded the stated contract 5 years ago to Thales ATM throughout the Nigerian Airspace Management Firm (NAMA) on the cost of sixty six, 500, 870 Euros (AllAfrica. com: 5).

Such as the many assignments of government with lofty inceptions without proper execution, TRACON was not without its own fair share of troubles. Initially, the 20 months deadline handed down by Obasanjo government to Thales ATM was not to be, because of several hiccups the job experienced. A number of the equipment initially purchased via overseas in which seen becoming returned with their manufacturers pertaining to reasons including damages to out-datedness of technology. In addition, political and bureaucratic interferences also took their own fee on the jobs with the installers giving persistent ‘reasons' intended for project wait such as federal government not paying out what was predicted...

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