Xenia in the Odyssey

 Xenia inside the Odyssey Essay

The concept of guests hospitality is very important in ancient Greece. Food, or Xenia, is so vital in Traditional society that Zeus, not only is it the california king of the Gods, is also the God of travelers (Wikipedia). This produced an obligation to get the sponsor to be hospitable to their guests, and on the other hand, the guests experienced their own responsibilities as well. If either the host or perhaps the guest was going to break any rule established by Xenia, there would be severe penalties treated by Zeus and also by society (Wikipedia). In The Odyssey, Xenia is a theme which is shown frequently throughout the book: Nestor and Menelaos consume Telemakhos graciously as a customer and Eumaios plays a great host to Odysseus, although Odysseus is disguised like a wandering beggar. It is zero accident that Xenia is certainly an important topic in The Journey, as it will help Homer present which heroes he planned to be " good. ” Of course , the same can be said about the personas Homer wished to be " bad” and there is no better example of this kind of than the 108 young men jointly known as the suitors.

The suitors were guys from Ithaca who during Odysseus' lack, began to court his partner, Penelope. However , they did not wait for Penelope's answer within their own homes but rather, stayed in the palace because guests. Pushing Penelope to determine which one of those she was to marry, the suitors refused to keep the building and spent their period slaughtering the sheep and fatted cattle belonging to the house in order to provide their very own great get-togethers with food (Greek Mythology Link). You will discover three fundamental rules of Xenia: The respect via host to guest, the respect from guest to host, as well as the parting present from host to customer. It is also crucial to know that the guest should be courteous to his host and not be considered a burden (Wikipedia). The suitors, who were previously ill-portrayed by Homer with just some of their very own names (the lead suitor was known as Antinoos, which actually means " No Mind”), were made a lot more detestable through their...

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